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Past Shows

Burnham, Sullivan and Wright

September 5 - November 29, 2014

Drawings, prints and photographs of the work of three great Chicago architects.

sullivan bank

Alfonso Iannelli and the Studios

January 3 - April 26, 2014 - Extended to July 26

Iannelli's design drawings from the beginnings of the Studios to his last ideas

Alfonson Iannelli

Frank Lloyd Wright Prints and Drawings

September 6 - December 21, 2013

Original prints and drawings from Wright's projects and photographs of both Taliesins kept by his favorite photographer

FLW Dana House


Design 1810 - 1995

January 11 - August 24, 2013

Designs for buildings, furniture, advertising and consumer products by some of the greatest designers in America

design 1810 - 1995

Alfonso Iannelli
By Design

September 7 - December 29, 2012

The career survey of the commercial artist who created "Iannelli Studios"

Iannelli Tomb Drawing

Alfred Browning Parker
Miami's Maverick Modernist

May 11 - August 25,  2012

Modernist perspective drawings from the studio archives of Miami's maverick architect and the photographer who chronicled his best work

Alfred Browning Parker exhibiton

Architectural Drawing: From Europe to America
Friday, January 13 to Saturday, April 28,  2012

Architectural drawings from Europe and America that mark the change from the French, "Ecole" system to the new American approach.

Architectural Drawing

Architectural Drawing: From Wright to Goldberg
September 9 - December 31, 2011

Architectural drawings ranging from homework assignments to presentational renderings to tissue sketches never meant to be seen by clients.


Edgar Miller
May 6 - August 27, 2011

Early designs for illustrations and advertisements by Chicago's most eccentric architectural genius.

edgar miller show

The Sketchbooks of Alfonso Iannelli
January 7 - April 30, 2011

Alfonso Iannelli's private sketches of his everyday life encounters. The pencil of the famed sculptor/illustrator/decorator and product designer was forever restless.


The House: Drawings for Residential Architecture
September 10 - December 25, 2010

Drawings and blueprints of houses showing all stages of the design process and antique engravings of 18th and 19th Century villas.


Two Centuries: An Architectural Evolution
January 8 - extended through May 29, 2010

Design and presentation drawings spanning the 19th and early 20th Centuries.



Frank Lloyd Wright and the Three Golden Ages
September 4 - December 19, 2009

Original design and presentation drawings and blueprints from all the major periods of Wright's long career

marina city

Marina City
June 5 - August 29, 2009

Bertrand Goldberg's office materials for the design of Marina City

marina city

Future Perfect: Mid-Century Modern Design Drawings
January 9 - May 30, 2009

Mid 20th Century Modernism's most flamboyant designers. Industrial and architectural drawings from post-war to post-moon landing.

desing laminate chair

Architectural Toys
Friday, December 5 to Saturday, December 27, 2008

ArchiTech Gallery marks its Tenth Anniversary by celebrating the child in all of us.  Architectural toys from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

carbide building

Chicago's Carbide and Carbon Building: The Lost Blueprints
September 5 to November 29, 2008

The rediscovered roll of plans, elevations and sections for an Art Deco masterpiece.

carbide building

XIX: 19th Century Design
Friday, April 4 to Saturday, August 30, 2008

Design drawings and engravings for buildings, pavilions, furniture and wallpaper for the most eclectic of all centuries.

owen jones

Hedrich Blessing Interiors: Architectural Photography of the 1930s
Friday, January 11, extended to Saturday, March 29, 2008

Art Deco interiors photographed by Ken Hedrich.


Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie House: The Wasmuth Portfolio
September 7 - December 29, 2007

Wright's rare 1910 German lithographs from his first golden age.


Powerhouse: The Photographs of Darris Lee Harris
April 6 - July 28 , 2007

A precisionist photographer's discoveries inside an abandoned power plant.



Elizabeth Ockwell and the Paris Opera House
September 5 - March 31, 2007

The icon of 19th Century French architecture interpreted by a specialist in figure drawing and anatomy.


The Loop: Designs for a Vertical City
September 8 - November 25, 2006

Early concepts, final design drawings and original blueprints and hectographs for Chicago's first Loop skyscrapers.

Christopher Valsecchi

Secret Cities: Extraordinary Urban Photography
April 14 - August 19, 2006

Unique, non-documentary visions of some of the world's great cities by ArchiTech's best contemporary photographers.

Christopher Valsecchi

Dream Machines: The Inventions of R.G. Martelet
January 6 - March 25 , 2006

Futuristic, mid-century renderings of wheeled and floating vehicles and household appliances by one of the cleverest designers at Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Designed for Living: The Modern Interior

Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin:
The Photographs of Pedro Guerrero

September 16 - December 30, 2005

The private collection of vintage and period exhibition prints by Wright's greatest photographer.

Designed for Living: The Modern Interior

Designed for Living: The Modern Interior
June 17 - August 27, 2005

Design drawings and renderings for furniture, carpets, murals and lighting for Prairie, Art Deco, Streamline and Mid-Century modern interiors.

Designed for Living: The Modern Interior

Lying on Paper: Architectural Renderings of the 20th Century
March 19 - June 4, 2005

Presentation renderings of the 20th Century from Beaux-Arts excess to streamline modern.

Lighthouse rendering

Bertrand Goldberg - The Shape of Space
January 14 - March 12, 2005

Original blueprints for Chicago's famous Marina City as well as presentation renderings for River City and other projects by one of modernism's unique creators.

Bertrand Goldberg, Architect

Rome and the Classical Legacy
September 10 - December 18, 2004

Piranesi's 18th century etchings, classical architectural studies from 1910 and contemporary watercolors of baroque and ancient Rome by Gilbert Gorski and Elizabeth Ockwell.

Water Tower photograph,  Chicago

Big City - A Chicago Album
April 23 - August 21, 2004

Paintings, watercolors, etchings and vintage and contemporary photographs expressing the most American of big cities.

photograph of water tower, chicago

The World of Henry Glass - Mid-Century Modernist
January 9 - April 10, 2004

Retrospective of one of America's most innovative and influential industrial designers. Original design drawings and presentation renderings by a master of the medium.

Kling Studios Drawing by Henry P. Glass, Chicago artist designer

Magnifique! French Architecture and Decor
September 12 - November 27, 2003

Original design drawings from the Nineteenth Century Parisian firm of Viollet-le-Duc. Contemporary drawings and photographs of French architectural magnificence

Eiffel Tower photo by Madelleine Isom

Art of Hedrich Blessing
June 20 - August 30, 2003

Hedrich Blessing's greatest photographs in one-of-a-kind museum prints. Exhibition and period proofs from the world's largest architectural photography company.

Interior shot of Merchandise Mart by Chicago firm Hedrich Blessing for exhibition at ArchiTech Gallery

Beautiful Mathematics: 20th Century Architectural Elevations
May 16 - June 14, 2003

Architectural elevations of the 20th Century. Beaux-Arts façades to modernist exercises in geometry.

chinese bridge photograph by madeleine isom

Madeleine Isom: City
April 4 - June 14, 2003

ArchiTech's first solo exhibition by a contemporary artist. Madeleine Isom's abstract photographs of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris.

chinese bridge photograph by madeleine isom

Daniel Burnham's Chicago
January 3 - March 23, 2003

Original design drawings and blueprints by Burnham and Root for 19th and early 20th Century landmarks. 1890s engravings of the Loop and The World's Columbian Exposition and vintage photographs by Richard Nickel of the icons of Burnham's career.

drawings by Burnham

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School
September 20 - December 28, 2002

Original design drawings of furniture, carpets and art glass windows by the leading figures of the Prairie School. Frank Lloyd Wright's Wasmuth Portfolio and vintage photographs of his greatest early buildings.

Frank Lloyd Wright doorway

Retrospective/New Perspective
June 7 through August 2002

Highlights of ArchiTech's past three years' exhibitions celebrating architectural and industrial design drawings from three centuries.

Gregg Studio Gouache drawing of Indunstry

Ruins: Architecture of Time
March 22 - June 1

18th Century etchings, pre-Victorian engravings and contemporary photographs and drawings of magnificent remains of the ancient and modern world.

images of architectural ruins

Hedrich Blessing: Painting With Light
January 4 - March 16, 2002

ArchiTech's first exhibition of the original proof prints and portfolios from the world's foremost architectural photography company. The art of Hedrich Blessing is now represented exclusively by ArchiTech Gallery.

fallingwater photograph of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous home

Alfonso Iannelli: Driven to Design
September 14 - December 29, 2001

A career survey of illustrations, sculptures, architectural and product designs from the personal archives of America's great modernist commercial designer. From his Orpheum vaudeville posters to Midway Gardens Sprites; exhibitions at Chicago's Art Institute to Pavilions for A Century of Progress.

Midway Gardens srpite by Iannelli

Drawn From the Masters
April 27 - July 28, 2001

Original prints and drawings by legendary architects from Daniel Burnham and Louis Sullivan to Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff. Included are vintage photographs of Prairie masterpieces by Wright's first photographers, Henry Fuermann and Sons.

Louis Sullivan drawing

Picturing Wright
previews June 15, 2001

Original vintage photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright's earliest work by Henry Fuermann & Sons.

Coonley House

The Perfect Chair
February 16 - April 21, 2001

The seven decade career of Henry P. Glass is honored with a major retrospective of his design drawings. Also historical European and American designs from the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries are showcased along with contemporary fantasy designs by contemporary Chicago architects.

19th century french chair

Foto Chicago: Picturing the City That Works
December 1, 2000- February 3, 2001

A century of photographs of America's most photogenic city. Works by Aaron Siskind, Richard Nickel and A. George Miller are combined with contemporary exhibition prints by today's young artists.

Marina towers, Goldberg

Deco Chicago
September 15 - November 25, 2000

Original design drawings and blueprints of Chicago's most flamboyant Deco tower, the Carbide and Carbon Building, also including Midwest designs for fountains, monuments and public buildings by Iannelli Studios.

Carbide and Carbon blueprint

The Prints of Egypt
June 30 - September 2, 2000

Napoleon's engravings, Description de l'Egypte and contemporary photographs of Luxor and Cairo by Bernice Williams and John Kimmich-Javier.

Luxor photograph

Master Plans: The Architectural Plan as Abstract Art
April 21 - June 24, 2000

Drawings by John Wellborn Root, Daniel Burnham and others for Chicago's Rookery, Carbide and Carbon and A Century of Progress pavilions as well as the contemporary works of Michael Hopkins that bring the plan into a fine art format.

17th century architectural plan

The Form of Function: Art of the Machine
February 11 - April 15, 2000

Consumer product and industrial designs by Alfonso Iannelli, Raymond Loewy, Sears designers and vintage work by commercial and street photographers.

Iannelli toaster design

The Graven Image: Architectural Etchings and Engravings
December 3, 1999 - February 5, 2000

Intaglio prints from the last 250 years featuring the 18th Century etchings of Rome by Piranesi.

Venice lithograph

Frank Lloyd Wright:Architect of the Century
October 1 - November 27, 1999

The 1910 Wasmuth Portfolio lithographs of Frank Lloyd Wright, the only monograph by America's greatest architect.

Wasmuth portfolio

Paris: Building Splendor

July 16 - September 18, 1999
Original drawings from the 19th Century Paris firm of Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc and contemporary watercolors by Elizabeth Ockwell.

Parisian 19th century architecture

Obsessed Architects: Abel Faidy to Bruce Goff
May 21 - July 10, 1999

The fantasies of Goff, Gaudi and Faidy; Villa Dionysos and the Golden Section.

Bruce Goff architecture House

The Room: Inside Architecture
March 26 - May 15, 1999

Interior appointments and furnishings from 19th Century European to 1930's American designs. Also contemporary photographs of the Stockholm Royal Palace and Spain's Alhambra by John Kimmich-Javier

Frank Lloyd Wright interior photograph

Dream Pavilions: A Century of Progress
Jan 29 - Mar 9, 1999

The unbuilt pavilions of Chicago's 1933 World's Fair and vintage photographs of A Century of Progress.

Iannelli's Goodyear Tire pavillion

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