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Art Deco in chicago

Madeleine Isom: City
April 4 through June 14 2003

ArchiTech's first one-person exhibition of a contemporary artist: Madeleine Isom's abstract photographs of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris. (Now Madeleine Doering)

The photographer of architecture can document a structure as "still life" or see that structure as inspiration for its graphic possibilities. The city seen by Madeleine Isom is fractured into its most elemental structural parts, expressing the essence of architecture in the details of a building. She finds beauty in the surface of "I" beams of Mies' skyscrapers and the layering of windows at opposing angles from distant blocks.

Like any obsessed architect, Madeleine sees the world through a 3-D grid of possible geometries in a myriad of combinations. She builds her images from the surprises found in looking at a city with a sense of irony and the background of a historian.

Her first solo exhibition, "Architecture Abstracted," opened at The Chicago Cultural Center in late 2000 where she described her work as follows: "They are landscapes without reference, no horizon, no sky, only layers of buildings and time.".

Madeleine's major influence has been the New Bauhaus of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, where modernism was taught as a purely formalist language that she has further refined into a kind of "haiku" about architecture.

On friday, April 4th, ArchiTech begins an exploration of contemporary architectural art with its first one-person exhibition by a living artist. As a historically oriented gallery specializing in the works of Wright, Sullivan, Burnham and other masters of architecture, ArchiTech has chosen the work of Madeleine Isom to be in that select company.

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World Trade Center fine-art photograph
WTC #7
Gelatin-Silver Print, 2002
8 x 8 inches

Transcontinental Building abstract photograph
TransAmerica #1
Gelatin-Silver Print, 2002
12 x 10 inches

Madeleine Isom portrait photograph
Gelatin-Silver Print, 2002

David Jameson
ArchiTech Gallery
730 North Franklin suite 200
Chicago, IL 60654
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