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architectural art featuring ancient egypt

The Prints of Egypt

Napoleon's engravings, Description de l'Egypte and contemporary photographs of Luxor and Cairo by Bernice Williams and John Kimmich-Javier

The monuments of Egypt chronicle the birth of structural majesty. Nearly five thousand years after their construction, they stand as enigmatic reminders of dynasties that utilized architecture to inspire awe.

Beginning Friday, June 30th, ArchiTech will present an exhibition and sale of antique prints and contemporary photographs of some of the world's most important ancient buildings.

Original engravings commissioned by Napoleon after his 1798 campaign picture the grandeur of structures in Karnak, Ombos and the lost island of Philae.

Bernice Williams' contemporary nighttime photographs of Luxor show ancient obelisks, hieroglyphs and pharaonic monuments against the backdrop of moon and stars.

John Kimmich-Javier's photographs reveal the huge scale of the mosques of Cairo and the countless seasons etched into the oldest pyramid on Earth. The Prints of Egypt will appear at ArchiTech through Saturday, September 2nd, 2000.




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Luxor pyramid, photograph by Bernice Williams
Bernice Williams
He Who Strides II
Gelatin-silver exhibition print 1/15, 1999
19 x 15 in

Jay King photograph
Jay King
Citygraph of Reebie Storage Building
gelatin-slver print, 1996
16 x 15 inches

Temple of Karnak print

David Jameson
ArchiTech Gallery
730 North Franklin suite 200
Chicago, IL 60654

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