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interior architectural images, for sale
Interior Architectural art for sale

The Room: Inside Architecture

Interior appointments and furnishings from 19th Century European to 1930s American designers. Also showing contemporary photographs of the Stockholm Royal Palace and Spain's Alhambra by John Kimmich-Javier.

A room is the most personal, humanly scaled expression of architecture. Designed by architects and decorators as either an integral part of a larger structure or as a singular jewel and refuge, the room has been painted, drawn, etched and photographed as a two dimensional art object for centuries.

As well, architects' designs for furniture, carpets, lighting and wall coverings have been reappraised as graphic artworks in their own right. They are regarded as abstractions of the larger art object, the room as realized.

ArchiTech presents an exhibition and sale of drawings, engravings, lithographs and photographs of rooms and furnishings from the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

Historic artists featured are England's Owen Jones and America's Frank Lloyd Wright, George Mann Niedecken and Alfonso Iannelli.

Contemporary work available will be drawings by Elizabeth Ockwell as well as photographs of the Stockholm Royal Palace by John Kimmich-Javier and European ceilings by Lars Luick.

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Frank Lloyd Wright, Interior
Frank Lloyd Wright
Plan and entry Gallery for Avery Coonley
Original lithograph from The Wasmuth Portfolio, 1910
16 x 25 1/4 inches
More info about the Wasmuth Portfolio by Frank Lloyd Wright


Taliesen living room , Fuermann
Henry Fuermann & Sons
Taliesin Living Room
Vintage gelatin-silver print, 1911
9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in

chromolithograph for sale
Unknown artist
Chromolithograph, Circa 1850s
8 x 10 inches

Mimi S, fifties interior
Mimi S... ,
Gouache on artist board, Circa 1930s
8 x 12 inches

David Jameson
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