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Abel Faidy , Bruce Goff, architects

Obsessed Architects: Abel Faidy to Bruce Goff

The fantasies of Goff, Gaudi and Faidy; Villa Dionysos and the Golden Section.

Obsession can transform a rational draftsman into an expressionistic dreamer. The resulting designs provoke contempt, even outrage, but rarely indifference

On May 21st, ArchiTech begins an exhibition and sale of drawings of Chicago's Abel Faidy (1894-1965) and the nomadic Bruce Goff (1904-1982), a one-time Wright admirer.

Highlights include Faidy's original 1959 designs for Villa Dionysos and Estate, a dazzling North Shore embassy for European socialites. It was Faidy's modernist vision of the ancient world's Golden Section.

The show also features some of Goff's conceptual and presentation drawings. From austere moderne cottages to outlandish structural spiderwebs, the designs show an artist who would never be subdued by practicality.

Also included are the enormous drawings of George Aghassian, a former cabin boy whose obsessions with the skyscraper constitute architectural folk art.



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outsider architects
Abel Faidy
Villa Dionysos Staircase
Pencil on Paper, 1959
18 x 60 inches


Abel Faidy Villa Dionysos
Abel Faidy
Villa Dionysos
Pencil on paper, 1959
18 x 34 in.


Bruce Goff
Don and Phllis Van Dall Residence
Lineprint, 1064
24 x 34 inches

David Jameson
ArchiTech Gallery
730 North Franklin suite 200
Chicago, IL 60654

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