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Frank Lloyd Wright

Index of ArchiTech pages about Frank Lloyd Wright

ArchiTech Gallery has produced several commercial exhibitions devoted to Frank Lloyd Wright with drawings, prints and photographs from his vast career. Please inquire for availability, condition, dimensions and prices for works whose images are pictured.

Essays about Wright were also written for those exhibitions and can be linked from this page.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Prints and Drawings

September 6 - December 21, 2013

Original prints and drawings from Wright's projects and photographs of both Taliesins kept by his favorite photographer

FLW Dana House


Frank Lloyd Wright and the Three Golden Ages
September 4 - December 19, 2009

Original design and presentation drawings and blueprints from all the major periods of Wright's long career

marina city

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie House: The Wasmuth Portfolio
September 7 - December 29, 2007

Wright's rare 1910 German lithographs from his first golden age.


Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin:
The Photographs of Pedro Guerrero

September 16 - December 30, 2005

The private collection of vintage and period exhibition prints by Wright's greatest photographer.

Designed for Living: The Modern Interior

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School
September 20 - December 28, 2002

Original design drawings of furniture, carpets and art glass windows by the leading figures of the Prairie School. Frank Lloyd Wright's Wasmuth Portfolio and vintage photographs of his greatest early buildings.

Frank Lloyd Wright doorway

Picturing Wright
previews June 15, 2001

Original vintage photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright's earliest work by Henry Fuermann & Sons.

Coonley House

Frank Lloyd Wright:Architect of the Century
October 1 - November 27, 1999

The 1910 Wasmuth Portfolio lithographs of Frank Lloyd Wright, the only monograph by America's greatest architect.

Wasmuth portfolio


Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)
Short biography of the architect


Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings
Essay analyzing the fundamentals of his drawing


Frank Lloyd Wright's Wasmuth Portfolio
Essay on the history of Wright’s only monograph


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