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architectural art and engraving

Felix Bonfils (1831-1885)

A great biography on Felix Bonfils and his photographic journey can be found at this link:

Please click here for plenty of information on 19th century travel and fine art photographer, Felix Bonfils and his whole photographic family.

Prints are priced unframed, mounted on board. We have more prints than shown here. Prices start at $250 and go to $500 for the largest signed prints.

*Also shown at the bottom is a photo by the Bonfils contemporary A. Beato.

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Felix Bonfils
vintage albumen print
signed Bonfils 16
9 x
11.5 in.

Felix Bonfils
Lebanese landscape
vintage albumen print
9 x 11.5 in.
signed Bonfils 66

Felix Bonfils
Temple Wall
vintage albumen print
signed Bonfils 9
7 x 9 in.

Felix Bonfils
Lebanese sepulchre
vintage albumen print
8 x 10
unsigned, c. 1860's

A. Beato
Egyptian Temple
vintage albumen print
8 x 10
signed, c. 1860's

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